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  • Balanced – Building Your Life Portfolio

    As we open the pages of 2015 we are beginning a new journey together. “Balanced – Building Your Life Portfolio” will focus on the importance of living with balance in the way we manage our time, money and relationships. This series will encourage you to think about the most important things in life.

    2015 could be different. We could end 2015 in a better place related to our relationship with God, our relationship with others and the way we manage our time and money. But it won’t be different just because it is a new year – it will be different because we intentionally decided to live with balance.

    Join us as we begin a new series for the new year, “Balanced – Building Your Life Portfolio”, each Sunday at @ 10 am



  • Prayer Partners

    Pastor Steve is looking for people who will partner in prayer for him and the mission of Prairie Oak.  It is our desire to grow in our hunger and desperation for God to be at work in our church and community.

    If you would be willing to pray on a daily basis and receive monthly updates, email  Even if you have signed up in the past, please recommit to this important ministry of prayer.



  • Sojourn Winter Session

    Sojourn Winter Session
    The Prayers Jesus Prayed

    Sojourn is a community bible study for women taught by Pastor Dienna.  All women are welcome!

    Wednesdays at 10am or 7pm.  Childcare available.



  • Sunday Morning Worship

    Sunday, February 1
    10:00 am

    Join us as we gather together for worship!

    We will continue the our series for the new year – “Balanced: Building Your Life Portfolio”



  • Couples Night

    Saturday, February 28
    5:30 – 8:00 pm


    Join us for a fun evening designed to encourage married couples to build strong and thriving relationships.  More information coming soon.



    10:00 AM

    1657 161st Ave NW
    Andover, MN 55304

    Phone: 763.434.8191