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  • A Life of Wonder and Awe

    We have begun a new series, “A Life Of Wonder & Awe.” We are born with it, kids have it, but somewhere along the way most of us lose it.


    A life of wonder and awe impacts the way we worship God and has been shown to be beneficial to our health. Without it we cannot be fully alive.

    Why do we lose it? What can we do to regain it?  Join us on a new journey back to the wonder and awe God gave us at our creation.



  • Listen to Messages Online

    Did you know that you can listen to the worship messages online?  Of course we always love to see you on Sunday, but if you miss a service, you can catch up from wherever you are!






SUNDAYS @ 10:00 AM


Please join us for prayer as we seek God's presence and power for our Sunday morning worship service. Sunday mornings before worship service at 9:00 am in Room 107.

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