Be the Christmas Story

If we want to participate in this Advent and Christmas event, we cannot simply be like spectators at a theater performance, enjoying all the familiar scenes. Instead we must ourselves become part of the Christmas story. Most people would rather have a happy holiday experience rather than be a living womb for an honest-to-God Christmas miracle. It can get messy becoming a player in the story. It certainly was for Joseph and Mary. Their lives were an offering through which they sacrificially participated in the greatest story of all time.

Getting lots of stuff will never satisfy our hearts — it always leaves us feeling empty. We were meant to give ourselves away. Jesus said that we would find our life when we give it away for Him and the Gospel.


What sacrifices did Mary and Joseph make as characters in the Christmas story?

How can we model the obedience of Joseph and Mary?

How might God call us to be the Christmas story?