Bible Verse

Romans 5:8
But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.


Key Principle

God’s love and grace are immeasurable and beyond our comprehension. He loves us so much that He gave the ultimate sacrifice for us even though we are undeserving… BECAUSE we are undeserving.



“We’re not worthy!” For many, this phrase may bring to mind scenes from a classic pop culture movie. However, this is exactly how we feel when contemplating the sacrifice Christ made for us on the cross and the unconditional love and grace God shows us. We are most certainly NOT worthy. There is nothing any of us has done, or can do, to earn God’s love and mercy. He gives it freely… and willingly.

We may be tempted to think that God’s unconditional love could not possibly apply to us and our messy lives – that we somehow need to be worthy or in a better place before accepting His grace. There’s an old joke about the desire to clean your house before the cleaning service arrives because you don’t want them to see how messy your house is.

That’s a lot like our relationship with Christ. You don’t have to clean your house before accepting this gift. In reality, the truly amazing thing about this demonstration of love is that “while we are still sinners” is exactly the time we need the gift of God’s grace. He WANTS us to come to Him with our mess. That’s why He came – to rescue us from the mess that all our lives are without Him. God didn’t wait. He knew that “while we were still sinners” was the time we needed (and continue to need) Him the most.

This is pure, unconditional love. We can model this unconditional love to others. Do we wait to offer our forgiveness, grace, and love to others until they “deserve” it – or do we give it freely? Do we take the first step to demonstrate God’s love to those who desperately need it, so they will know they are worth EVERYTHING to Him?



Have you received God’s sacrificial gift of love and grace, knowing that you are undeserving but that He gives it freely? Do you love others sacrificially and unconditionally? Do you know how deeply loved you are?



Dear Father: I know I am undeserving of Your incredible love and grace. I thank You for the ultimate sacrifice Jesus paid for me and my sins. I know I could never earn it or deserve it. Please help me to demonstrate that unconditional love to others – so that they may know how deeply You love them and desire the best for their life. Amen.

Submitted by: Joy Archibald

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