Bible Verse

Philippians 2:4
Don’t look out only for your own interests, but take an interest in others, too.


Key Principle

Growing in love for others requires us to take an interest in them, to be for them.



Roughly 10 years ago singer/songwriter Steven Curtis Chapman come face to face with every parents worst nightmare. While his son, Will, was pulling into the driveway of their home, Chapman’s youngest child, Maria, came running out to greet him. Will didn’t see Maria running into the path of the vehicle and struck her. In the midst of the most stressful and tragic moment of their lives, as Steven was about to rush off to the hospital he had the presence of mind to yell to his heartbroken son, “Will Franklin, your father loves you.”

With these six words Steven reflected superbly well what it means to “take an interest in others, too.” It is never convenient, often not easy, and it doesn’t come naturally. In that moment, no one would have faulted Steven for rushing off to the hospital. The easiest and most natural reaction for him would have been to burst out in anger.

Paul continues in Philippians 2:5 -8 by reminding us why people like Steven are able to respond as he did. Because Jesus served as a example by leaving heaven for earth (not convenient) to sacrifice himself for us (neither natural or easy). No doubt, Steven’s response to his son came from his deep relationship with Jesus. In that moment Steven was for his son the way God is for us.



Do you take an interest in others? Are you for them the way God is for you? As you go about your day today, intentionally look for ways that you can “take an interest in others, too.” How can you show them that you are for them?



Lord, Thank you that you have taken an interest in me. I know that you are for me because of the sacrifice you made in sending your son for me. I ask that you would give me eyes to see ways I can reflect your example by being for others, even when it isn’t convenient, easy, or natural. I also ask that you would give me the courage to act in those moments. In Jesus name, amen.

Submitted by: Matthew Rien

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