Bible Verse

Psalm 89:1
I will sing of the Lord’s great love forever; with my mouth I will make your faithfulness known through all generations.


Key Principle

Once we have experienced God’s great and faithful love, we should share that love with the world, in all circumstances.



The writer of this psalm begins with his promise to sing of God’s love forever. If you read the rest of Psalm 89, you’ll find that he is making this vow in spite of what’s happening to Israel at the time. Israel’s enemies were mocking them and God, invading the land and plundering their wealth. But the psalmist remembers God’s promise of His faithful love and that He will not abandon us. So he sings of God’s great love, no matter what.

In chapter 4 of Acts, Peter and John are threatened by the Sanhedrin and told to stop speaking Jesus’ name. Their response? “As for us, we cannot help speaking about everything we have seen and heard.” They literally can’t stop themselves, no matter what the threat.

God has given all of us the greatest possible gift through His Son, Jesus. He has released us from slavery to sin, rescued us from death through eternal life, and lives in our hearts and in our lives each and every moment. With such an overwhelming love, how can we not feel like the psalmist and Peter and John? We simply MUST share God’s incredible gift with everyone we know. It is too great to be kept to ourselves.



Do you understand how much God loves you? If you do, telling others of His love should be the first thing you want to do. Keeping a prayer journal, tracking how God works in your life, will help increase your grasp of His love. Then you’ll have stories to share about all God has done for you and wants to do for them, because He loves us so deeply.



Dear God, please help me to see how much You love me. When I’m in doubt, bring to my mind all the ways You have cared for me. Help me tell others of Your great love, in every situation. I want to be unable to stop myself from speaking of Your love, because I feel it so strongly. I pray this in the name of Your Son, my Savior, Jesus Christ. Amen.

Submitted by: Dianne Novak

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