If Jesus was Coming, I’d Want Everyone to be There

If Jesus was coming for Christmas dinner, some of us would be like the perfectionist mom in a Hallmark Christmas commercial. We would want everything to be perfect and to look perfect. That would be the honorable thing to do,  because we are welcoming a King into our homes. Most of us would probably be a little nervous.

If I knew that Jesus was coming in person for Christmas dinner, I would want to invite everyone. I wouldn’t want anyone to miss it. I would pay for distant family members to fly in.

Have you ever been to an event where after it gets underway you think of so many people you wish were there? That has happened to me over and over again — especially times when I experienced the presence of God move among His people in a worship service, camp or retreat. And, I think to myself, “I wish ________ was here.” Because when we experience God, when Christ bursts into our lives, we naturally want everyone we know and love to be there.


How could you approach Christmas dinner with the expectation that Christ will be there? He is not a distant King but a King who is among us?

Who do you want to be there?

Is there someone you should invite?

Video: Hallmark – Perfectionist Mom