Santa: Too Small a Dream

Santa reflects the desires of people all over the world. He has become a composite of what we want: a friend who cares enough to travel a long way against all odds to bring good gifts to his people; a sage who, though aware of each act, has a way of rewarding the good and overlooking the bad; a friend of children who never gets sick and never grows old; a father who lets you sit on his lap and share your deepest desires.

Yet, Santa cannot provide what we really need. He is around only once a year. When December’s requests become January’s payments, Santa is no longer at the mall. You can’t go question him about how he is going to pay off your credit cards. (Ever feel like Santa Claus got carried away and you’re stuck footing the bill?)  When he comes he brings many gifts but he can’t take anything away. (It should be like recycle day – label the stuff you don’t want anymore and it’s gone.)

When we create a Savior in our own minds (like Santa), we keep him safely distant in a faraway castle. We allow him only the briefest of encounters with us.

God did what we wouldn’t dare dream – what we couldn’t imagine. He came to live among us.


How can our dreams for Christmas be too small?

What do you want from God more than anything? What are you desperate for God to do?

What big dreams might God have for you and your family this Christmas?