The Gift No One Wanted

The people of Israel had waited from generation to generation for the coming of the Messiah. They had expectations of what this gift would look like when He showed up on the scene. That their expectations were amiss is seen in how the religious leaders did not comprehend who Jesus was. In fact, they were constantly at odds with the one who they claimed to represent. He didn’t meet their expectations.

In the end, God showed up Himself. But that’s not really what they wanted for Christmas. They wanted a political ruler, not God. They wanted someone who would deliver them from the oppression of Rome, not someone who would die on their behalf. They rejected the gift.

Before we are too critical we should probably ask, “What if the only thing we got for Christmas this year was God showing up?”


How could our expectations of God be amiss?

What gifts do you want God to bring you this Christmas?

What gifts do you think He wants to bring to people in your community?