Our core values are organized around creating environments. We all participate in the creating of environments – whether it’s the environment of our home or work place or as a coach of a team. Environments are created so that desired outcomes begin to emerge naturally.

  • We long to create an environment where people can encounter the Living God. Our weekend worship is especially designed to help people experience God’s presence and to understand God’s direction for their lives. We want our worship experience to be engaging, relevant and clear. Often churches assume that being deep is overwhelming people with information. We believe that being deep and effective is making clear the next step that God wants us to take and challenging people to obey. We are passionate about creating an environment in which people who are far from God can draw close to Him.
  • We long to create an environment of growth, where people will flourish in their journey of following Christ – becoming engaged in the mission, becoming connected to other believers who will encourage us and growing in our understanding of what it means to be a follower of Jesus Christ.
  • We also want to create an environment that is injected with risk-taking faith. Since so many people in our culture have low expectations of God, we believe God has called us to create an environment in which we challenge one another to step out and trust God in areas we would have never dreamed.
  • We also long for this to be an environment that is marked with excellence – doing things to the best of our ability. What we do in the context of the mission of the church should be done with excellence because it is an expression of our worship to God.
  • We want to create an environment in which our children and youth will be challenged to become champions of faith. Our goal is to provide opportunities for our students to emerge as leaders for the mission of Christ.

If you decide to connect with Prairie Oak, our dream is that your time here will be some of the most significant moments in your spiritual journey.